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The Five Villas & Resort Quangnam Danang offers you a unique culinary experience with traditional Vietnamese cuisine and famous international dishes. You can enjoy your meal at the restaurant or in a private room. Especially enjoying a cocktail at the Beach Bar and watching the sunset over the ocean is a wonderful experience that you should not miss.

Phở Thìn

Pho Thin - one of the famous brands for over 40 years in Hanoi now has been in Da Nang right at The Five Villas & Resort Quangnam Danang. A bowl of full taste Thin Noodle is an ideal choice after a good night's sleep.

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A La Carte

Situated in the Welcome Center area, À La Carte is a modern restaurant with luxurious design overlooking a fresh garden. The restaurant serves a rich menu, ranging from traditional Vietnamese specialties to many other premium Asian and European dishes.

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